Jerry Danner in Front of Building

Mile Hi Auto & Jerry are Retiring

After 52 years of service for the Saab industry, Mile Hi Automotive and Jerry Danner will be retiring on April 29, 2021. “I was first around Saab’s when I was 11. Now I am 67, I grew up through the entire lifecycle of Saab thanks to my father and mother Ken & Clara Danner. I cannot ask for a better career and the only job I have ever had. For the last 52 years, I have considered my business as a hobby shop where I enjoyed every day. Mechanical abilities came naturally to me. I always worked at Dad’s shop and graduated in 1971. I still have customers who were with Mile Hi back then and currently today. They were in the infancy of their career just getting started as I was. I got to see them grow up and they got to see me grow up. Retiring is a difficult decision for me because of the “Saab” empire I have built. I realize this may be a hardship in the Colorado region for Saab enthusiasts. I hope you understand.

For those who have retired, I’ve heard life is enjoyable. Now that I am in my golden years and in good health, I decided to enjoy the time I have remaining with my health, my son, his family, and my daughter Michelle.  For all my customers, thank you for your dedication to Mile Hi Automotive. My dedication is to all of you and to the many dedicated employees' Mile Hi has employed.  I want to thank my family for supporting me for the long hours I dedicated to the company. I will always be a true dedicated Saab Enthusiast but in the capacity of being an enthusiast, not a business owner. I will always retain my mechanical talents and continue to work on Saab’s as a hobbyist. To sum it up, the love of Saab isn’t dying, I am simply retiring.”


What's Next?


Mile Hi is the best! I've been taking my saabs there for 36 years. Their skill/service/friendship is what has and will keep me going to them for my '02 9-3 and the love of my life Sherri's '03 9-5. Jerry and his daughter Michelle, plus everyone else who works there all really care for their customers and cars.

- William Porter

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