5 Simple Steps to Collision Repair

                              Not sure how to get your vehicle repaired after an accident? Overwhelmed by the auto repair process?

No problem, we’ve got you covered!  We’ve listed 5 simple steps that will help guide you through the repair process because we know that it can be challenging to understand what happens when and who takes care of what. We are here to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible.

Step 1: Get an initial estimate written. Mile Hi Automotive, Inc. repairs all vehicle makes & models and we work with most insurance companies. Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your estimate!

  • About how long will the repair take?
  • Would you recommend OEM parts, aftermarket parts, or recycled parts?
  • Have you repaired cars like mine or performed repairs like these before?
  • What if there is additional damage, how do I get the insurance company to pay for it?

Step 2: Schedule Repairs and secure a Rental Car

Step 3: “Tear Down” – Our Body Shop will tear down or remove the damaged parts of your vehicle to reveal the hidden damage.  We then notify your insurance Adjuster of the tear down. They will come to our Shop, inspect your vehicle for any additional damage that is now visible and write-up that information for your claim.

Step 4: Repair/Parts – We will order additional parts or make the additional repairs to restore the vehicle to pre-accident condition

Step 5: Pick Up – Your vehicle has been restored to its pre-accident condition and is ready for you to pick up!