Time Line of Events (subject to change)

April 29th – Mile Hi is Closing the Doors. Last day for servicing Saab’s.

May 1st  – Planning logistics for breakdown.

June 5th – 12th

Organize a pick & Pull. Invite all to come to Mile Hi for getting parts.

June 20th-30th

1) Start Cleanup of Vehicles

2) Prepare for Roller Auction

June 5th-12th

1) Pick and Pull

2) June 5th, 6th BBQ

June 22nd

Property Sold

July 16th – 18th – Saab convention in Albany

Aug 1st  – Shop equipment break down

Aug 15th  – Roller Auction. Auction off equipment from Mile Hi

August 28th

Customer Appreciation BBQ and a Mile Hi Wake.

Most of the equipment will be gone. Just a bare building. We are going to have a wake and with all my customers, enjoy and share the stories we have had over the years.

September 22nd – Final day on-site for Mile Hi.